Lunastarter is the world's first tierless launchpad and incubator built on Terra blockchain. It has a very unique community-driven project selection mechanism with a fair and guaranteed allocation for all of the participants.
Lunastarter guides entrepreneurs to find innovative business models to maximize their impact and develop their projects as financially viable investments.
LST is the utility and governance token of the Lunastarter ecosystem. LST can be staked to earn rewards and get allocations. It can also be used for decision-making through voting.
  • Built on Terra - Lunastarter fully operates on the Terra blockchain.
  • Guaranteed and fair allocation - Every participant who has staked their tokens will be able to participate in IDOs.
  • Vesting - Token locking feature where tokens are released according to a vesting schedule.
  • High-quality projects - Projects will be evaluated in a very systematic way
  • Multichain - Being an incubator for Terra projects, we will also entertain projects from other chains that have good fundamentals and teams.
  • Governance - All of the major decisions will be decided through our unique governance model.
  • Staking - Chance to participate in sales by staking $LST and also earn rewards.
  • Unique Project Selection - We are introducing a unique way of choosing top-rated projects through a process known as the compound decision model.
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